Expected Publication Date: Thu, Jul 1st
"About Henry by JL Peridot"
by Muscoca Media
Let me tell you about Henry
I could get fired for this, but what the hell.
Available in MOBI and ePub

Julie was perfectly fine, admiring the rich American Henry Aston from a distance. That is, until he asked her out to dinner. But there's just one problem: CapriLuxe Perth has a strict policy against employees fraternising with the guests. Sorry, two problems: Henry Aston’s married. ABOUT HENRY: A NOVELLA presents JL Peridot's erotic short story, originally published in the notorious CapriLuxe Chronicles anthology, and featured on The Good Bits website and podcast. It also includes the follow-up story, ABOUT HER, where we discover what happened when the Astons got back from their road trip; what happened after a chance meeting in a cocktail bar on the other side of town; and what happened when Henry finally introduced Julie to his wife. This ARC is only available until 29 July 2021.