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"Victoria: A Tale of Spain"
by Sarah Scheele
Victoria always liked to read--until she learned that old book in her father's library had a deadly secret
Defeating the king never seemed possible. And Victoria's going to need friends if she's to pull it off
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Victoria: A Tale of Spain is a historical adventure about a young duchess who explores outside her restrictive home. Life in the Alcazar, a castle straight out of fairy-tales and elevated on a hill above the old city of Segovia, is a pattern of golden sunlight, rich decorations, and the red and gold gowns of Duke Carlos’ many daughters. It’s Spain in the 1600s and like all countries of that era, it’s a man’s world. Girls of Victoria’s station are just supposed to get married. Growing up with only sisters and with two eccentric parents who won’t let the girls go to court, she knows little about men and thinks they don’t value her. As a threat strikes the old castle’s inhabitants because of a gift from a king—and not the current one—Victoria leaves home on a series of travels. King Felipe might be a venomous antagonist, but it turns out other men aren’t quite as remote and unreliable as Victoria believed. In fact, some of them will be the best friends she could have ever wanted.