"Anotech Chronicles Books 1-3"

by Julie C Gilbert

A Royal House faces threats without and within.
Epic scifi with a touch of romance, political intrigue, and nanomachines.
# Sci-Fi
# Action
# Adventure
# Artificial Intelligence
# Clean
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Crowns come with a steep price. On the surface, Reshner is experiencing a time of peace and prosperity, but trouble is brewing. Reshner’s Royal Ranger: Prince Terosh goes on an epic journey to prove himself as a man. Reia Antellio does everything in her power to protect the prince. Reshner’s Royal Threat: The political threats facing the royals spill over into violence. Reshner’s Royal Guard: The Royal House falters, but hope remains. The Royal House faces threats from without and within. Even the anotechs—fabled god-machines—will be hard-pressed to save the royals this time. *** The Anotech Chronicles series is epic science fiction. We’re talking maps, glossaries, a whole new world, and a lot of characters. If that scares you, check out some of my tamer series. If this is your thing, give it a go. Note: This is a Kindle Unlimited title, so it is not currently available in ebook format at other retailers. Second Note: Actively seeking reviewers, but I have to be very picky about who gets one of the 25 available US codes.