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Everything an author needs in one place
Review Copies

Collect requests to join your review team and automate review tracking for those you've given access

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Beta Copies

Gather beta copy feedback. Control access, sort feedback, and track reader progress

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Reader Magnets

Collect subscribers for your mailing list and automate delivery of a free book or sample

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Audio Promo Codes

Automate distribution and review tracking for Audible, Findaway,, and Kobo promo codes

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Universal Retail Links

Send readers to your book or audiobook's purchasing page at their preferred, country-specific store with 1 click

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Direct Downloads

Provide easy downloads for newsletter exclusives, welcome gifts, or ARCs

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Custom Links & Website Builder

Build your author website in minutes. Create custom "redirect" links (like Bitly) on your own domain.

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Organize newsletter content and writing deadlines
Newsletter Swaps

Connect with other authors to swap mentions in upcoming newsletters

Group Promos

Team up with multiple authors to promote your books on a single landing page

Built-in Calendar

See your upcoming newsletter swaps and group promos at a glance

Campaign Note Keeping

Keep all of your notes and promotional links in one place

Word Count Tracking

Track and calculate daily targets to hit deadlines and stay motivated

Choose your goal
Find reviewers for your ebooks or audiobooks
Verify Amazon, Goodreads, etc. reviewer profiles
See historical completion rate for each reviewer
Automated email follow-up with reviewers
Distribute ACX or Findaway audiobook promo codes
Provide Amazon pre-paid book links if in Kindle Select
Control who gets a review copy or audiobook promo code
Author launching
Build your mailing list and attract subscribers
Landing pages that entice readers with a freebie
Provide downloads to anyone that subscribed to your newsletter (e.g. through your website, etc.)
Limit downloads to verified mailing list subscribers
Designed to comply with GDPR by default
Send reader info directly to your email service provider
Author getting new mail
Increase your sales, KU page reads, and author rank
Connect readers to multiple retailers with 1 link
Readers are taken directly to their preferred store once set
Use affiliate tags to track sales and earn a commission
Add your Facebook Pixel to build custom audiences for ads
Author selling from online shop
Multiply your reach
Cross-promote your books through newsletters

Connect with other authors in your genre and share each other's stories to reach a wider audience together. Cross-promotions come in 2 forms:

Newsletter Swaps - I will promote your book in my next newsletter and vice versa (you promote my book in your next newsletter).
Group Promos - You and a group of authors promote a single landing page showing all your books together.

Think your mailing list is too small? Don't worry! Lots of authors have been in your position and used StoryOrigin to go from 0 subscribers to 1,000+ using group promotions and newsletter swaps.

Authors working together
Simplify your life
Gather feedback from beta readers and streamline your process
Sort feedback across versions, readers, and keywords
Embed questionnaires between chapters
Control access and expiration on a per-reader basis
Readers can't see others' feedback
Receive inline highlights & comments
Track each reader's progress through the book
Author getting new mail
Track writing goals and plan newsletter content
Set writing goals and track daily word count
Keep notes on your upcoming campaigns
Track click counts from newsletter swaps
Check your calendar for promo and swap dates
Author at coffee shop
Keep readers happy with easy downloads and great support
Download directly to Kindle and more
Step-by-step instructions for different device types
1-click download to current device
Tech support for readers
Reader enjoying book
Integrate with email service providers and marketing tools
Send reader contact info directly to your email service provider
Verify swapper mailing list stats against email service provider
Limit downloads to verified mailing list subscribers
Use affiliate tags to track sales and earn a commission
Add your Facebook Pixel to build custom audiences for ads
Data pipes
Email Service Provider Integrations
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StoryOrigin is a godsend in helping me build up my network. I got over 400 subscribers in one month... - Sabrina Zbasnik

Absolute game-changer! This has been one of the most enjoyable and easy to use tools I've encountered as an author!... - Yuri Jean-Baptiste

[StoryOrigin] has the best UI, the most features and a great community of authors... - Dave Walsh

... it's the BEST tool that actually works with increasing sales, subscribers, and reaching new readers... - Anca-Melinda Coliolu

I used to use several sites and groups to facilitate things like newsletter swaps, multi-author book promos, reader magnets, and reviews, but I can do it all and better on StoryOrigin... - Anita Stewart

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