Frequently Asked Question
What is StoryOrigin?

StoryOrigin is a cross-promotional marketing tool for authors - designed to help authors work together to build their email lists, increase sales/page reads, and get more reviews.

Does StoryOrigin have its own email list?

StoryOrigin does not maintain it's own mailing list. Readers find your books through cross-promotions (newsletter swaps and group promos) that you organize with other authors.

How many mailing list integrations can I have?

You can integrate as many MailChimp, MailerLite, ConvertKit, AWeber, or ActiveCampaign accounts as you like!

Can I deliver ARCs with StoryOrigin?

You sure can! If you want to build a review team, use the "Review Copies" feature and you can approve readers for free copies on a case-by-case basis. If you already have a review team mailing list, just integrate it with a "Direct Download" and send the link to your review team mailing list. With the integration, only people on that mailing list can download the book.

Why doesn't StoryOrigin have the feature I want?

Good question! Maybe it should. Let me know what you're looking for. Just send me an email at

Who's behind StoryOrigin?

I am! My name is Evan Gow and I'm an Indie Developer living in Austin, TX with my wife and our dog Cosmo (he's pretty cute). If you're based in Austin and want to meet up sometime, feel free to reach out to me at I'm always looking to meet new people.

I'm not sure how to use StoryOrigin. What should I do?

I definitely recommend checking out the tutorial videos on how to get started.

Do I need to use a mailing list integration?

Nope! If StoryOrigin doesn't have a native integration with your mailing list provider, you can still download the list of subscribers you gain through StoryOrigin as a .CSV.

Have a question that's not listed here?

Just send it to me at I'm happy to help!