"A Pain Less Ordinary"

by L.V. Pires

Sometimes keeping family secrets is safer than telling the truth, but when Becca's sister goes missing will she find the strength to reveal what she knows?
A young adult contemporary fiction novel.
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Becca's life is anything but ordinary. At fifteen, she's already experienced her share of pain. With a mom who drinks too much, a revolving door of father figures, and struggles at school, Becca wonders if she'll ever have a chance at a normal life. The only thing that keeps her sane is her little sister, Chloe; that is until her mother's breakdown leads to her sister's disappearance. A PAIN LESS ORDINARY follows Becca as she figures out life on her own while searching for her family and her new role in the world. In this powerfully moving novel, L.V. Pires explores Becca's struggle with abandonment, drug abuse, homelessness, relationships, and how pain connects her to others