"The Hide and Seek Sex Challenge"

by Ruan Willow

A later in life erotic rom com, the 2nd marriage newlyweds who play a sexy challenge game one wintery Saturday.
The games are super fun when the stakes are high! Who will lose? Who will win this round?
# Erotica
# Erotic Romance
# Romance
# Steamy
# Contemporary
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In this short spicy erotic rom-com novella, book four of six in The Sex Challenge Series, where two consenting adults are engaging in steamy games of intimacy one wintery Saturday, the day of play continues for Brad and Anna, the second-marriage newlyweds. Brad and Anna are making dinner finally after all their spicy sexual shenanigans, well Anna is while Brad plays with her from afar. He successfully edges Anna into a disaster, which proves an epic failure. But, with a smile, he’s moving on with his scheme for this round. They settle into a mutual self-pleasuring contest, but this gets usurped by Brad’s panicked backpedaling. Brad spins the next phase of his master plan to Anna as she listens, still lingering in the delicious throes of her residual arousal. A game of naked hide and seek starts out as a heart-racing thrill, but when an unexpected visitor pops in to their sexual playground, the only two laughing in the end are Brad and Anna. But dinner time awaits. As they enjoy what they’ve salvaged from their destroyed meal fireside, Brad teases Anna with his impending arrival, his secret event for level five of their Day of Play (which is coming in book 5 in The Sex Challenge Series). Like Ruan's content? Check out her podcast Oh F*ck Yeah with Ruan Willow available on Amazon and wherever you find your podcasts.