"Ruan's Beach Getaway: A Spicy Age Gap Romance, Book 2 of 3"

by Ruan Willow

Ruan and Sebastian don't match in their ages, but their scorching libidos do as they heat up their romance at the beach.
Ruan and Sebastian each bring kinky toys to use at the beach house. They push both their sexual limits, and their hearts.
# Erotic Romance
# Erotica
# Romance
# Steamy
# Contemporary
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Ruan and Sebastian are hitting the beach this time for their romantic getaway. Last time the couple stayed the weekend at a cabin in the mountains and christened every room with their sexual experimentation. The beach gives them new inspiration for their affair and for their libidos. They've each brought paraphernalia to surprise each other. Their lust rages high, but their emotions do too. Although their age difference doesn’t impact them in the bedroom, their relationship is proving to be more than a simple issue of mutual attraction. Their goal is always to satisfy each other's sexual needs, wants, and desires, but there are strong feelings brewing on both sides that throw the getaway into something beyond sex. Blending their lust is easy, but their emotions prove to be more of a storm than just a lovely day at the beach. This book contains spicy age gap heterosexual sex scenes and softcore BDSM acts.