"Devya's Children Book 3: Malia's Miracles"

by Julie C Gilbert

If you had the power to save someone, would you?
Kids try to cure cancer.
# Clean
# Sci-Fi
# Adventure
# Young Adult
# Crime
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How much is one life worth? Danielle Matheson faces a difficult decision: helplessly watch Christy's mother die of cancer or ask Jillian and her genetically Gifted siblings to risk their freedom to save her. Once committed to the cause, Jillian, Malia, and Michio turn their full attention to fighting the cancer, but more danger awaits them. Defeating the disease and dodging government agents soon become the least of their worries when measured against the race against time to rescue one girl from certain death. *** This is Book 3 in the YA scifi Devya's Children series. It's highly recommended you experience this series in order: Ashlynn's Dreams, Nadia's Tears, Malia's Miracles, and Varick's Quest. There's also a prequel called The Dark Side of Science and a series of short stories called Ashlynn's Dreams Shorts. They're also available as audiobooks. Ashlynn's Dreams Shorts is performed by Kristin Condon. Ashlynn's Dreams, Nadia's Tears, Malia's Miracles, and Varick's Quest are performed by Julie Hinton. The prequel, The Dark Side of Science, is performed by Brian Troxell.