"Magic In Her Kisses: An Explicit Woman Loving Woman Age Gap Erotic Romance"

by Ruan Willow

A college student targets her professor and boss as a sexual conquest. Their taboo affair surprises the student when the professor takes charge. They are both surprised when their relationship turns into a sweet romance.
A woman loving woman age gap erotic romance novel where a couple explores the D/s way of relationship.
# Erotica
# Erotic Romance
# Contemporary
# Steamy
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College student Alicia fantasizes about her hot nerdy teacher, Dr. Maddie Lillian, her thoughts drifting to steamy office hour hook-ups as she listens dreamily to the professor's lectures. After getting a job as her lab assistant, Alicia finds her wishes swelling into thoughts of being spanked in her employer’s cluttered office, though she wonders, being as clumsy as the woman is if she could coordinate such actions. She decides to act on her fantasies and begins seducing the brainiac. Much to her wonderment, the determined professor reveals herself to be a surprisingly eager, if adorably inexperienced, dominant BDSM lover—so much so that, despite Alicia’s presumed distaste for spanking, she soon finds herself yearning for more play. Delicious forays into sexual exhibition, fueled by the taboo nature of their entanglements, lure both women into forbidden union after union. What started as being all about the guilty pleasures of hardcore sex gives way to the magic in their kisses, sparking a sweet, caring romance that neither expected. Unfortunately, not everyone approves, and Alicia’s mommy issues soon rage. Just as the two are beginning to realize what they’ve found in each other, there isn’t enough magic in the world to save their love, demanding the empowered young seductress find a new way to be bold. This book contains kinky explicit lesbian sex scenes.