"Winter Falls: A Tale of the Snow Queen"
by Jacque Stevens
To save her true love from the Winter Queen, Katie must soften her frozen heart.
Teen and young adult fans of C. S. Lewis and Shannon Hale will love this inspirational retelling of The Snow Queen.
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Katie knows better than to believe in happy endings. She learned there was no such thing after her mother died. In the postindustrial town of Riverside, Katie struggles to care for her distant father and his failing hotel. Her only comfort lies in the arms of her true love, Shay. Yet one evening, he disappears without a trace. Devastated, Katie jumps off a bridge in winter, expecting to meet death in the frozen water below. Instead, her fall transports her to a snowy netherworld, where trapped souls take on the form of animals and the only thing that matters is survival. Then Katie discovers that Shay has been kidnapped by a deadly sorceress called the Winter Queen. She goes on a journey to find him, traveling through the realms of storybook fairies, princesses, thieves, and monsters to bring him home. But the path is harsh and dangerous. Will Shay and Katie be reunited? Or be forever trapped within an eternal winter? A retelling of the classic fairytale The Snow Queen, Winter Falls is a young adult epic fantasy romance, which examines the trials of depression and mental illness in a magical world of action and adventure. Clean romance. References to alcohol abuse, suicide, and other serious topics. Recommended for teen listeners ages 14 and up.