"Passion To Seduce"

by Ruan Willow

A Lesbian Age Gap BDSM MILF erotic novella, 18 year old Jennifer is seduced by MILF Viv, her next door neighbor.
Lesbian story with loss of virginity.
# Erotica
# Erotic Romance
# Steamy
# New Adult
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Age Gap 18 year old virgin and 50 year old Milf Trigger Warnings: BDSM and Age Gap Viv, a lesbian MILF next door meets Jennifer in rural Mississippi in the 80's. Jennifer is curious bi-sexual virgin who never kissed a woman, let alone anyone else. Jennifer is shy and overweight...full of self confidence issues until the day she stepped off her steps across the street, took a deep breath, and approached Viv in the garden ass high gardening. Jennifer learns more than how to kiss as Viv takes her time and shows her a whole new side to life!!!