"A Hotwife Soccer Mom"

by Hank Dolworth

My husband wants to watch me with his friends while I indulge all of their filthy fantasies
A Hotwife Soccer Mom gets into the game
# Erotica
# Erotic Romance
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The thought of being with another man made me anxious, yet the idea of fulfilling my husband, Brad's, wildest sexual fantasies thrilled me. I couldn't think of anyone more suitable than Coach Sprague, the huge, ex-military hunk whose broad, muscular shoulders and deep voice sent a shiver through me. Coach is recently divorced, making him available for my naughty intentions. Brad and I hatched a plan to make it clear to Coach that I was ready to get down and dirty with him. My heart pounded as we executed our daring plan; now, all I could do was wait to see if he was on board. What would happen next?