"The Heliuna Academy"

by Bill & Mia Belew

Silicon Valley High-Tech Adults vs Old School Kids
Rediscover the importance of teachers and mentors in young lives.
# Young Adult
# Mystery
# Multicultural
# Historical Fiction
# Literary Fiction
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In this frame narrative, the second book in the Growing Up Aimi Series, Aimi is on a peace corps mission in the deepest jungles of India. Her first priority is the safety of the children she came to serve. Her second is to teach them to love to read. Miss A reads a book to the children about an earlier time of mystery when the high tech world threatened her friends and their new school. The young people determined to implement an old school approach to meet the challenges of the high-tech antics of adults bent on becoming the next unicorn in Silicon Valley. All the while, the school and children where Miss A is serving face the danger of being lost to the forces of time. Remember the impact that teachers and mentors have had on you and your life when parents and children, teachers and students read The Heliuna Academy together. The questions at the end of each chapter are student/teacher, parent/child and reader group tested. Go deeper in the relationships that are important to you. Can Aimi and her friends learn why their beloved teachers have gone missing? Can they stop the tides of change? Only the reader knows.