"The Kitchen Sex Challenge: (Book 1 A Day of Play)"

by Ruan Willow

A day of sexual play is what Brad has planned, sex challenges, games, fun, and both he and Anna intend to win.
A romantic comedy novella where flirting, teasing, and fun sexual play is their game for the day. Each novella is a different game.
# Erotica
# Erotic Romance
# Steamy
# Romance
# Contemporary
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Anna and Brad had fallen in love and married quickly, as older people tend to do. What they both want in addition to their love is playful sex, complete with his and her edging. Brad gets off on getting Anna off, much to her delight. A day of play is Brad’s plan, to seduce, excite, and pleasure his new wife into a state of passionate frenzy that will culminate in a delicious end when they eventually collide their heightened lust. Until then, Brad intends to tease his wife with voracious edging and explosive orgasms as many times as he can entice her to. It’s an all-day sex game that starts with the kitchen sex challenge, which each partner intends to win.