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Tae Sung's Peculiar Life : 180 Degrees (Book 2)
by Elizabeth OCarroll
Middle Grade
New Adult

10,871 Words

Tae Sung's life was forever changed in Book 1 "Tae Sung and the Flattened Snake" All he ever wanted was to just be a normal middle school student, and average kid growing up in Korea. Now he just wishes he could stop time. His life has taken a complete 180 Degree turn. Prelude "I keep waking up in someone else’s dream. Yesterday, all I worried about was about ‘how’ I would live with my ability to telepathically connect with others. Stupid stuff! Like; ‘what would my friends think?’ How do I balance my ability and not let it overcome me? School…girls...friends….my hair, working out and wishing I would grow taller. I don’t even care. It seems so miniscule next to the larger picture of my life now. I want to go back….just to see you….to hold your hand….tell you I love you….tell you I am sorry. Sorry for being so self-involved that I missed out….on YOU…..all of you…..I can’t cry….I have nothing left….a complete 180…." Tae Sung~