A Source of Joy
by Lynelle Clark
Literary Fiction

31,325 Words

Source of Joy is a story of love and loss that brings a few generations together in a mutual bond of understanding and faith. Following the path of less resistance, be faithful to one’s dreams and God’s word might be harder than they thought. One woman’s quest to be reunited with her son has a snowball effect on all she encounters. Trapped in a loveless marriage, Simone Stevenson walks a road of unfulfilled dreams while she remains in the shadows of a foolish man. When she tastes the freedom at the Conway Ranch, she realised she cannot return to her old manner of life. Back in South Africa, danger meets her as John Stevenson's secrets threaten to surface. She learns to cope with this growing tension and spend much time against the mountains of Camps Bay for guidance. Against his father’s wishes, James Stevenson ends up on a Montana Ranch where the owner and his son teach him about ranch life, horses, and the freedom to follow your dream. Only during her brief visit does he realise the price she pays to visit him, and it leaves him with more questions. Tripp Calloway leads a quiet existence in the Montana valley nestled between mountains and rivers where peace reigns. He heads the ranch with a strict hand and brook no excuses while he allows his son the space to grow. It is only when he meets Simone Stevenson that he realises he wants more in life. He, too, is challenged with lies that threaten to derail him and has to set his longing for a family aside. But a promise from God helps him to remain faithful to his dream and take this momentary delay as part of his process. All the characters involved in the plot trust God for a breakthrough in their lives. Will they listen or will life take its course and ran wild through them? How will the decisions they make now affect their futures later? Will Simone’s dream be fulfilled, or will she remain married to a foolish man?