The Secret Human Kind - The Discoveries of Julia Xero - Book 1
by Gloria Oliver
Urban Fantasy

33,663 Words

She'd found the perfect job—until it wasn't. As an orphan and plain Jane, Julia has difficulty creating connections with others. So when she ran across a third shift job with a crime scene cleaner company, she jumped at the chance to apply, thinking it was a perfect fit. To Julia, cleaning is a comfort, a mental haven where she can forget about everyone and everything. The pay and the company are great, and she's amazed when she snags the job. Julia likes the employees, she likes the work, and she's finally moving forward with making friends. Then one night, they get an order for a job in a bizarre language she can't read, but her partner can. His words of 'it's too soon' make her realize that 'the other shoe' is about to drop. She's not wrong. A creature jumps from the roof where Stan has gone and scares her half to death. When she gets to her partner, he's hurt, and a fresh body is lying up there. As crime scene cleaners, they arrive once the police are done, not before they ever get there. Yet, for this job, they are expected to collect evidence, bag the body, and clean the scene. Demanding answers, Julia is told that she must keep secrets. A device has been implanted in her neck to blow her carotid artery if they even suspect she's leaking what she's learned. That there is another race inhabiting the Earth—the Secret Humankind. As if that wasn't bad enough, things get worse. The supernatural being that killed the man on the roof is killing others and hiding his MO. He's taunting them to discover what he's up to and try to stop him. Can Julia reconcile herself to the fact she could be killed at a moment's notice and keep the Secret Humankind's secrets? All while trying to stay alive and somehow hunt down a supernatural assassin who knows who she is? If you love any of Rachel Caine's urban fantasy series, give The Secret Humankind a try. You won't be disappointed.