by Gary Richardson
Bounty Hunters
Literary Fiction

78,740 Words

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Jordyn 'Kazi' Grant is a retired fighter pilot from the Federation Defense Force. In her retirement, Captain 'Kazi' has recruited a rag-tag crew to help her crew her spaceship, the Aristaeus,named after the ancient Greek god who was the protector of hunters. Together, Kazi and her crew try to make their living as bounty hunters, trolling the expanse of the galaxy in search of those wanted by others in return for a reward. Their latest bounty turns out to have a personal touch when it is revealed that Kazi knows the target. Concerns about any conflict of interest are quickly put to rest at her eagerness to take on the mission. But when the mission does not go as planned and the crew find themselves in a life or death struggle, who can they call on to help? Will the crew's experienced captain be able to outsmart their assailants? Will the crew be able to defend themselves to return home? Will their bounty prove to be rewarding or deadly?