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Place of Redemption Part 1
by Daniel Bishop
Historical Fiction

91,356 Words

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Multigenerational saga of two connected families separated by the Civil War. Alexander Baskin freed the slaves who came with his five-hundred acre farm in Powell Station, Tennessee when he bought it in 1856. Amos, his wife, Esther, and their two children, Abel and Emily stay on the farm until 1860. Amos knows a war is coming and decides he would rather be in Boston than Knoxville, Tennessee when that war happens. Will Amos and his family find success in Boston? Will their son, Aaron, who was sold by their previous owner, find his way back to them? Alexander knows a war is coming and his two sons, William and David, are almost fighting age. He doesn't want them fighting for the south so, he sends them to friends who live in New York. They fight for the Union but Alexander and his wife, Lydia, are unable to receive any news or letters from them. Do they survive? How changed will they be if they do? Follow the Baskin and Freeman families as they navigate the Civil War and the changing social and spiritual landscape through the generations.