GOD GAMES (Preview )
Space Opera
James Scott
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Fri, Feb 11th
Sat, Mar 12th
The David and Goliath giveaway promo has returned! And the cause remains the same: Partner with established (Goliath) authors to promote Sci-Fi books by new (David) authors. So, I’m looking for authors (the Goliaths) with good sized email lists to help us small fry (Davids) just starting out. The Goliaths benefit because they can add value for their existing email subscribers by introducing them to an exciting list of Sci-Fi stories from new authors. The Davids benefit from the exposure to a large number of new potential email subscribers who love reading new Sci-Fi adventures and drama. What's really cool is that this is a great opportunity for those of you with large mature email subscriber lists to think back to that time when your huge email subscriber list was just a tiny twig of close friends and unwilling relatives. Now, that you have grown that twig of an email list into a nice sized tree of contacts, it’s time to give back and help those starting out to be big and strong, just like you! As for the Davids, remember your time will soon come when your list is strong and tall. Then, you will want to return the favor to another small fry just starting out Sci-Fi author and pay-it-forward! This time around the promo will last 30 days. All subgenres of Science Fiction and Fantasy are encouraged and some romance (yea, got to show the love) is okay as a subgenre backdrop the Science Fiction, but no erotica please.