"Anderson, The Pool Service Man Turned Bull"

by Ruan Willow

The hotwife way of life gets extra juicy with surprises when Anderson turns from work man to Bull.
Fantasies get fulfilled in the most satisfying ways for all three!
# Erotica
# Erotic Romance
# Contemporary
# Steamy
# Romance
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In book three of My Filthy Hotwife Adventures, young buck Anderson, the sexy lumberjack of a pool man, is coming back to pleasure Laney, the newly minted hotwife. She doesn’t think he could possibly top the intensity and excitement of last time, but she can’t wait to find out. Laney and John had ventured into spicing up their marriage with the hotwife way of life, directed by John as the dominant in their relationship. He decided to curate and manage extreme pleasure for his gorgeous wife of many years, much to her delight, and his. This includes spicy dates with others, especially the service men who come to their home. Anderson had taken care of their pool and done manual labor around their home for years, making the muscle-clad younger man eye candy for the always-hungry Laney. The lure of him taking care of her again, servicing her as their bull, was her idea of a dream come true. Whatever would come of it, all three were ready for their triad union to take them to the most climactic heights their lusty appetites might thrust them into. But John’s plan takes a turn Laney doesn’t expect. Being edged in her wants is legitimately maximizing, of course, but when John’s ministrations cause Laney’s frustrations to quell, they turn into a surge of passionate fodder. That’s when things really hit the hot button with a fiery force. -- Stay tuned for the next installment of Servicing the Work Men, My Filthy Hotwife Adventures (book 4) when Laney and John venture into Servicing the Handy Man, A Leisurely Working Retiree.