by J. E. Taylor

Will the ice queen keep her royal station, or will the fight for the throne end in a bloody battle?
A Frozen Paranormal Romance Retelling
# Fairy Tale
# Paranormal
# Romance
# Shifters
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Elsa must marry before midnight of her twenty-fifth year or lose her kingdom. The only problem is that no man in Bryggen can be near her without getting frostbite. Kyle Bryggen, the founder of the kingdom Elsa rules, has been in hibernation for two hundred years, and now he is awake and wants his kingdom back. They could be a match carved in ice, except every time they meet, they want to kill each other. When a diabolical senator manipulates the law to his own purpose, Elsa must choose between the lesser of two nightmares. One will lead to the ruin of her kingdom, and the other will lead to her death.

Title: "A Fractured Fairy Tale"

Old fairy tales fractured into new paranormal romance stories!

A thrilling collection of paranormal romances

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