"Wicked Heart"

by J. E. Taylor

And you thought you had a bad morning...
A steamy paranormal romance novel
# Paranormal
# Romance
# Vampires
# Werewolves
# Witches
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Waking up to blood smeared walls certainly does not instill calm. Quite the opposite, considering I had locked my house up tight with deadbolts, sigils, and safety spells to ward away evil. And I went to bed alone. With no memory of a struggle and no signs of a dead body, there’s only one logical conclusion. One of the demons we hunt at The Monster Defense Agency broke into my home. My insatiable cravings clue me into exactly what I’m dealing with, and now I need to track the bastard down and fillet his ass. Otherwise, my life will be forfeited, and I will become the hunted.

Title: "Shades of Night"

When werewolves and witches pair up to hunt vampires, what could go wrong?

An urban fantasy romance with forbidden mates, cool magic, and a kick-ass heroine.

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