by J. E. Taylor

Can a cursed shifter find the love needed to be cured?
A Beauty & the Beast Paranormal Romance Retelling
# Fairy Tale
# Paranormal
# Romance
# Werewolves
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My name is Belle, and I was looking forward to finding my mate at the annual Shifter’s Ball. Unfortunately, my petty side had to strike out at a homely patron who was not dressed for a ball. She looked more like the one hired to pick up after the horses. And I said so, loudly, as my friends snickered at my dark wit. That’s when karma struck. That homely patron wasn’t as she seemed. She was a powerful sorceress who laid a vanity curse on me, which made me partially shift into this monstrosity that pulls screams from grown men and cringes from my family and friends. If I had just kept my cruel words to myself, I would not be exiled to my grandfather’s dilapidated estate, searching for a way to break this curse without getting killed in the process.

Title: "A Fractured Fairy Tale"

Old fairy tales fractured into new paranormal romance stories!

A thrilling collection of paranormal romances

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