"Pack Magic"

by J. E. Taylor

She’s a hybrid alpha scorned by her pack, until he arrives.
A Shades of Night Sequel
# Paranormal
# Romance
# Werewolves
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Daughter of a tribrid and a flame-touched alpha werewolf, Erica Young’s course in life should be set. Except no one wants a phoenix-werewolf with a taste for blood to be their alpha. When the head of the werewolf council shows up with a possible candidate to take her place in the pack, sparks fly. Logan Blaez, the prodigal son of the council head, is willing to challenge Erica for the role of alpha, even if that means a fight to the death. Until he lays eyes on her. Now he wants to claim Erica as his mate and rule as her alpha. Too bad Erica isn’t willing to submit, or give up her birthright.