"Alien Redemption"

by Gloria Oliver

A fresh start. A shocking betrayal. Making first contact, will she discover allies or humankind’s doom?
A first contact science fiction novel
# Aliens
# Sci-Fi
# Gritty
# Futuristic
# Second Chance
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Claudia Zimmerman survives behind a mask. Set up for a career-destroying fall by her employers, the disgraced medical researcher dons a new identity hoping to secure a job on a merchant vessel. But after she’s recognized, the desperate woman attempts a hasty exit, only to reluctantly join the crew when the captain threatens her with blackmail. Trying to keep her head down and stay under the radar, Claudia is appalled when she’s assigned to the landing party on an uncharted planet. But she’s elated to find it inhabited by an intelligent humanoid species… until she uncovers her boss’s horrific plan. Frantic to protect the bird-like creatures, will she become a pawn of a deep and sinister plot? Alien Redemption is a gripping science fiction novel. If you like empathetic heroines, clever twists and turns, and cosmic mysteries, then you’ll love Gloria Oliver’s spaced-out adventure. Buy Alien Redemption to come in peace today!