"Thanksgiving in Welcombe Bay: Sweets By The Sea Second Chance for Lasting Love, Bk 1"

by Kate Darroch

Unforgettable Journey of Kindness, Openness and The Transformational Power of Love
An enthralling clean romance told with faith and heart. This is a thought-provoking read about many of life’s lessons
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From Kate Darroch, 2022 Readers Favorite Gold Medalist, comes a stunning Women's Fiction novel. A Recovery and Redemption story of forgiveness, full of warmth, which stirs the heart as it masterfully navigates sensitive topics delicately yet realistically. The riveting sobriety journey of Eric, a 35 year old alcoholic journalist newly recovering in AA, who falls in love with Lily, a woman haunted by memories of domestic abuse. Alongside Eric's attempts to atone for his past mistakes, we follow Lily's poignant story. She runs her quaint café, Sweets By The Sea, with quiet, smiling fortitude. But beneath her sunny demeanor, she grapples with invasive memories of her abuse at the hands of her ex-husband, Gary. And financial woes threaten her beloved café, a family legacy spanning five generations. A big load sitting on slight, 28-year-old shoulders. Supported by Father Tom, his wife Nina, and her circle of friends from the “Gee” quilting group, Lily battles her past while striving to secure her future. The emotional roller coaster ride of their journey unfolds by the sea on the gorgeous Devon coastline in England. A super-sweet story of strong friendships and complex, flawed, yet caring people moving towards committed love. Visit the caring community at St Michael's, where old fashioned love stories are part of the everyday life in a community which reflects your own. READERS FAVORITE REVIEW This unforgettable story is an enthralling romance told with faith and heart. Kate Darroch did a tremendous job of creating complex, memorable characters, infusing this delightfully romantic narrative with a sense of hope and healing. Beautifully narrated. Leaves a lasting impression of warmth and compassion.

3 for 2 offer. New Beginnings in Welcombe Bay, book 3 in series, included as Free Bonus!

Title: "Christmas in Welcombe Bay: Book 2 in the Sweets By The Sea series"

A Heartwarming Recovery and Redemption story of Second Chances for Lasting Love

Captivating Christian Romance told with faith and heart

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