"The Steve Williams Series"

by J. E. Taylor

Unstoppable, breath stealing, and terrifying all at once.
A dark FBI suspense series with a supernatural twist.
# Crime
# Dark
# Psychic
# Supernatural
# Suspense
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Special Agent Steve Williams excels at his job catching the most heinous of monsters walking the earth. Serial killers. When his job brings him face to face with a psychic, he struggles to accept her gifts in his neat little black and white world. Armed with her visions, along with his skills as an FBI agent, he hunts the worst of the worst, but will he catch the killer before they set their sights on him? Unstoppable, breath stealing, and terrifying all at once. Gripping, rich and magnificent! The Steve Williams Series mixes compelling crime thrillers with supernatural forces that will grip the reader from page one. This six-book series takes you through some of Steve Williams darkest cases in his FBI career. This book includes the following titles: Dark Reckoning, Vengeance, Hunting Season, Georgia Reign, Crystal Illusions, and Saving Face.