"Night Hawk Trilogy"

by J. E. Taylor

Naomi thirsts for justice and revenge.
A suspenseful dark paranormal romance
# Angels
# Vampires
# Dark
# Paranormal
# Romance
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Damian Andreas is an ancient vampire tasked with keeping the archangel bloodlines safe. Blinded by his hatred for Lucifer, he snatches Naomi Hawk from the devil to claim her as his own. The moment his teeth sink into her neck, he realizes he has just broken his own vows. When Naomi bites him back, his blood transform her into an immortal shadow, and puts Damian on a collision path with an angry archangel. This set includes: NIGHT HAWK - Book 1 - When Naomi learns true betrayal, she thirsts for justice... and revenge. MIDNIGHT VOWS (Bonus short story) - Welcome to the wedding of the Millennium. TIGRESS - Book 2 - The shadow vaccine is hell in a syringe with a cure that is far worse than the blood cravings. Will Damian and Naomi survive? TRINITY RISING - Book 3 - Will Damian and Naomi finally beat the devil or will they trigger Armageddon? LILITH (Bonus Prequel) - Obsession puts Lilith in the grasp of immortality, but can she live with the cost?