"Modern Goddess"

by J. E. Taylor

A fallen Valkyrie. A fae-wraith hybrid. Enemies become allies to survive a god’s wrath.
A dark Norse fantasy novel
# Dark
# Fantasy
# Mythology
# Romance
# Fae
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Odin and Thor relentlessly hunt survivors of the destroyed realms on the only planet that still exists: Earth. Their dark tyranny enslaved this world, and anyone who challenges their rule dies a very public death. Reyfyre, the fae-wraith hybrid, has been hiding his entire life. When he found me, I was nothing but stretched-out skin over bones. Yet he offered me asylum, as long as I helped him kill Odin. How could I refuse? He nursed me back to health and rehabilitated my weakened muscle on the sparring field. Even with his demanding routine, I found peace in our hideaway in the northern territory. Then Odin discovered my empty cell and put a bounty on my head. And our mountain sanctuary, protected by Reyfyre’s magic, was too close to it to be coincidence. Our only hope now is to make it to New York City. However, that’s thousands of miles by foot through a tundra filled with hidden refugees, predators, and thieves. There’s no other option. If we die, no one will be left to stop the callous gods before they destroy the only realm left. But are we really strong enough to take down a god? If you like dark twists on Norse Mythology, you will love Modern Goddess.

Title: "The Fallen Valkyrie Duet"

Enemies become allies to survive a god’s wrath.

A thrilling fantasy romance with a twist

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