"Blessed Brokenness: Seeing God's Glory in the Ashes of Life"

by Matthew Hogan

Start the Journey that Takes You from Broken to Whole
Follow the author as he lives through life's struggles and learns how to find peace.
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# Inspirational
# Nonfiction
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The loss of a loved one, a closed door in a career, a broken relationship--most of us have experienced one of these or some degree of pain or disappointment in our lives. If you haven't yet and you live long enough, you will too. The truth is…pain is a very real part of our lives and existence in a fallen world—a world broken by the consequences of sin. Most of us run in the opposite direction from anything that even remotely resembles pain or disappointment. But we can't run fast enough or far enough to outrun it forever. Then what? In Blessed Brokenness: Finding God's Glory in the Ashes of Life, Reverend Matthew Hogan walks us through the years long journey he and his wife have been on through more pain and struggles than most of us would know in two or three lifetimes. And yet, even in the midst of all that turmoil, they have found a secret the rest of us need to hear—a secret that not only helps us make sense out of the messes we find ourselves in but can even draw us closer to our Heavenly Father--the One who loves us most. My hope for everyone who reads this book is that you will find: a new perspective on that pain you are experiencing (or the next one you face), strength from the One who is with you through every difficulty and, a beauty in the ashes of brokenness. -Kyle Gerrild, pastor and author of Lord of the Circle