"Shades of Night"

by J. E. Taylor

When werewolves and witches pair up to hunt vampires, what could go wrong?
An urban fantasy romance with forbidden mates, cool magic, and a kick-ass heroine.
# Werewolves
# Vampires
# Urban Fantasy
# Romance
# Paranormal
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The Monster Defense Agency demands loyalty, and once you become an agent, the only way out is in a body bag. When Sarah Stone and Robby Young train together at the agency’s academy, sparks fly. And when they are paired as partners, they must muzzle their attraction, or they will face a firing squad. All their pent-up frustration sharpens them into finely tuned monster hunters. Their ability to neutralize entire nests of vampires becomes the stuff of legends. But hunting vampires has its own risks. Especially when Sarah and Robby uncover duplicity and corruption at the highest echelon within the Monster Defense Agency. With a bull’s-eye on their backs from both the agency and the vampires they hunt, Sarah and Robby’s only hope is to take down the Monster Defense Agency. But two against an ancient organization that trains monster-killers and knows all their tricks is even harder than it sounds. It’s going to take all their skill and intelligence to kill this beast. And being caught is not an option. Shades of Night delivers forbidden mates, cool magic, and a kick-ass heroine in this fast-paced urban fantasy series. Books included in this special edition hardcover: Young Blood – A Shades of Night Prequel Wicked Heart – Shades of Night Book 1 Crooked Soul – Shades of Night Book 2 Tainted Mind – Shades of Night Book 3