"The Ryan Chronicles Series"

by J. E. Taylor

Demons, vampires, angels, and the devil. What the hell kind of nightmare do I live in?
A dark supernatural suspense series
# Angels
# Dark
# Demons
# Supernatural
# Suspense
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CJ Ryan was born with enough psychic power to destroy the earth. And Lucifer wants him to do just that. Raised with a strong moral compass, CJ won’t sacrifice innocent lives to protect his own, and that puts him at odds with the devil. But if he doesn’t give in, he and all he loves will become the target of Lucifer’s rage. When CJ gives his twin brother, Tom, a dose of his powers to keep him safe, it puts Tom directly in Lucifer’s crosshairs. As the final battle draws near, what will they have to sacrifice to keep their loved ones safe? Can they survive the devil’s wrath? THE RYAN CHRONICLES includes these titles: CJ's Story: ANGEL GRACE - Book 1 ANGEL HEART - Book 2 ANGEL WRATH – Book 3 Tom's Story: ANGEL BLOOD - Book 4 ANGEL FIRE - Book 5 ANGEL FURY – Book 6 Fans of Supernatural and Shadowhunters will enjoy this series.