"Dragon Storm"

by J. E. Taylor

My goal: make the last dragon rue the day he crossed me.
A post-apocalyptic urban fantasy novel
# Post-Apocalypse
# Urban Fantasy
# Dragons
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When the monsters broke their deal for humanity’s surrender, the last dragon saved me from certain death. Unfortunately, Mikhail St. Clare played me like a professional grifter, making me think he was on our side, and not aligned with the Serpent King, who wants to stomp out humans like we were pesky insects. Mikhail’s special power to shift into human form aided his infiltration of my defenses, and ultimately coerced me into revealing my secret weapon against the monsters. Then I stupidly led him right to our headquarters. I should have known. He was a dragon, after all. One that had facilitated the destruction of our ability to fight back on any mass scale against the Serpent King and his army of leviathans. With nothing left to defend, I’m on a mission to make that bastard pay for what he has done. But before I can find him and put a bullet in his brain, I have to cross a leviathan-patrolled city where every corner hides a hideous death.

Title: "Season of the Dragon"

Monsters, Trust issues, and a near death experience. What else could go wrong?

A post apocalyptic urban fantasy novel

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