"Manifest Secrets"

by Dale E. Lehman

Tales of discovery and loss, laughter and terror.
An eclectic, multi-genre short story collection
# Literary Fiction
# Crime
# Fantasy
# Sci-Fi
# Humorous
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Think you know the world? Take a closer look. Strange figures emerge from the walls. Evil engulfs guilty and innocent alike. Nature and shopkeepers serve up deep meaning. And whichever way you turn, oddities are hidden in plain sight. In this eclectic gathering of thirty-one short tales by award-winning author Dale E. Lehman, you’ll encounter desperation among the sinking islands of the Chesapeake, walk realms of mystery most people never see, and witness miracles beyond belief. Some will chill you, some will inspire you, and some will have you laughing out loud. Strange and amazing secrets lie before you…if you dare to look!