"Magick Trilogy"

by J. E. Taylor

Paige Turner's magick skills are rusty, but she needs to refine her spells or her determination to save a very special soul will prove to be disastrous.
Suspense and chills cascade through this dark urban fantasy thriller.
# Urban Fantasy
# Witches
# Ghosts
# Dark
# Romance
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Accused of overdosing her fiancé, Paige Turner must find a way to clear her name. But with all the evidence pointing in her direction, proving her innocence may be an impossible feat, especially since she’s locked up in a sanitarium. To make matters worse, her dead fiancé doesn’t want to move on. He is happy to haunt her until Austin, an orderly at the hospital, takes notice of Paige, and she responds to his attention. Then her fiancé’s ghost becomes enraged. And there is nothing simple about dealing with an angry spirit in an insane asylum. When the ghost takes possession of Austin, Paige must figure out a way to free him before her fiancé takes over for good. But banishing a ghost is tricky, especially when her magick skills are rusty. Will her spell save Austin? Or will it just transplant the furious ghost into a different body, one primed for revenge, and doom them both? This trilogy includes the following books: Magick Black Magick Practical Magick WARNING: If you have any triggers, or issues with dark situations, group action, coercion, and violence, then Magic Trilogy is not for you. But if you like a little kink in your style and aren’t afraid of a dark undertone in your stories, then by all means, pick up the book… if you dare.