"Ancient Goddess"

by J. E. Taylor

A soldier. A war. An ungodly order.
A Norse fantasy novel
# Fantasy
# Mythology
# Sword & Sorcery
# Suspense
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My name, Kara Mist, means wild, stormy one. I once was a battle-ready warrior, an elite member of Odin’s Valkyrie force. But the centuries of peace have softened the Valkyrie to the point our battle practice consists more of cajoling than sparring to keep our skills sharp. Although the other Valkyrie are complacent, I am unsettled. My bones ache for adventure. When peace between the realms crumbles, bringing with it a bloody and world-altering war, I am ready. But Odin’s order to reap an innocent soul from Earth is not the adventure I signed up for. Refusing Odin is not something any Valkyrie has done before, and the consequences of disobeying are deadly. Do I blindly follow orders, or do I rebel and face my own demise?

Title: "The Fallen Valkyrie Duet"

Enemies become allies to survive a god’s wrath.

A thrilling fantasy romance with a twist

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