"Ryan Family Saga"

by J. E. Taylor

The Ryan Family Saga spans four generations of the Ryan clan.
An epic supernatural suspense saga.
# Dark
# Angels
# Demons
# Psychic
# Supernatural
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The Ryan Family Saga spans 24 books, 8 different series, and four generations of the Ryan clan, from Ty Ryan's dark past to his great granddaughter's escapades with death. This collection is full of battles of good versus evil on both the human spectrum and the supernatural front. Be prepared for a wild and emotional ride in this epic saga. What readers are saying… -Intensely disturbing. -Beautifully horrific. -Indescribably intense. -Gruesome and gory. You can't help but get caught up in this series. -A well-written book with a huge pinch of love, a smidgeon of humor, a sense of sensuality and a good grind of terror! Epic stuff. -When an author creates a world and characters that make you laugh, cry, hold your breath, and feel the full spectrum of emotions with the story, you have an amazing book! -If anyone ever has questions as to the meaning of the word "soul mate," then you should read this book. -The entire story is a mind blowing, thought twisting, heart pounding, emotional roller coaster! -J.E. Taylor truly knows how to spin a fabulously unique yarn and I have thoroughly enjoyed every single book that I have read of hers. Includes Fallen, Survival Games, Mind Games, End Game, Hunting Season, Georgia Reign, Saving Face, Trinity Rising, Angel Grace, Angel Heart, Angel Wrath, Black Magick, Angel Blood, Angel Fire, Practical Magick, Angel Fury, Hunting the Siren, Fire Cursed, Homecoming, Judgement Day, Grim’s Daughter, Finding Death, Reap the Dead and Kissing Fate.