"The Revealer"

by Bill & Mia Belew

Easy to Understand Retelling Study of the Book of Revelation
Demons, Angels, Heaven, Hell, Streets of Gold, 666, and more ...
# Angels
# Christian
# Demons
# Religion
# Futuristic
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Jackie is desperate and alone, cut off from everyone important in her life. She fears a reunion will never happen. Suddenly a mysterious and alluring voice begins to speak. Following this voice, Jackie embarks on a journey into the spirit realm. There, Jackie discovers she is entrusted with delivering the very last Message from the Revealer. An army of angels is dispatched to ensure her success. Will it be enough? Battle an onslaught of demon armies and learn if Jackie can survive this divine mission in the thrilling third installment of Bill's series based on the Book of Revelation. The Revealer is a captivating retelling that explores Christian themes, offers beautiful twists and provides insights into the future. Unlock your own destiny by experiencing The Revealer and seeing the future today!