"Black Magick"

by J. E. Taylor

An angry ghost is on the loose.
A dark steamy paranormal romance
# Dark
# Ghosts
# Paranormal
# Steamy
# Suspense
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What was supposed to be a relaxing weekend in New York City turns sour when she meets a familiar stranger who freezes the blood in her veins. The experience shocks her world, and sends her into a flurry of doubt over everything in her life, from her current relationship, to her skills as a witch. Did she truly banish a ghost, or just transplant him into a different body…a body primed for revenge? NOTE: If you have any triggers, or issues with dark situations, group action, coercion, and violence, then Magic Trilogy is not for you. But if you like a little kink in your style and aren’t afraid of a dark undertone in your stories, then, by all means, pick up the book… if you dare.

Title: "Magick Trilogy"

Paige Turner's magick skills are rusty, but she needs to refine her spells or her determination to save a very special soul will prove to be disastrous.

Suspense and chills cascade through this dark urban fantasy thriller.

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