"Angel Wrath"

by J. E. Taylor

Everyone I love is on the devil's hit list.
A dark urban fantasy novel
# Dark
# Angels
# Demons
# Supernatural
# Suspense
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On the outside it looks like my life has returned to normal. I have Valerie, my soul mate, by my side in wedded bliss. But darkness overshadows my happily-ever-after. My guilt for sending my father to an eternity of torture at Lucifer’s hands is a pain I cannot escape. When Valerie and I return from our honeymoon, a note from the king of hell greets me, outlining in sickening detail his plans for the rest of those I hold dear. With everyone I love on the devil’s hit list, it’s time I start living up to the bargains I made in Heaven. I need to close Hell’s gates. All of them. But for every portal I close, its one less available for my father’s escape.

Title: "The Ryan Chronicles Series"

Demons, vampires, angels, and the devil. What the hell kind of nightmare do I live in?

A dark supernatural suspense series

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