"Lost Father"

by Leigh Lincoln

A flawed man. A life lived in shadow. The path to the truth begins in unlikely places.
An Inspirational Fiction Novel
# Christian
# Family Life
# Historical Fiction
# Inspirational
# Literary Fiction
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Bruce has many regrets. And more than a few buried secrets. As a quizzical young bartender begins to pry open his closed shell, Bruce allows the memories to come flooding back—and he begins to realize all of his mistakes: His first love he left behind. His brief time in Vietnam. His arrival in Colorado, where he tried to start fresh and put the past behind him. But it had never really gone away, and Bruce ended up leading a life filled with lies. All because the unexpected had caused him to flee the life he once planned to have. Now, the daughter he’s never known has shocked him into confronting himself and his failures, and he doesn’t know what to do other than to run—again. Can Bruce find the strength to fix his past and go home again? Find out in this moving story of one man’s journey to find himself and gain the courage to face the child he left behind.