"Becoming Her"

by Abigail Taylor

What could happen when parallel worlds collide?
A Humorous and Emotional Tale of Identity and Choices.
# Romance
# Sci-Fi
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Dr. Julia Rottinghaus, a dedicated scientist, is thrust into an unknown world following a disastrous experiment. Rather than unraveling the mysteries of the cosmic enigma, Julia is abruptly transported into a parallel universe, where she assumes the identity of an unforeseen alternate version of herself—Jules, a modest temp worker with minimal ambition. Jules and Julia—living opposite lives, each faced with the daunting challenge of navigating the other's existence. As they struggle with this unexpected switch, Julia and Jules discover hidden strengths within themselves, fitting into their new lives more seamlessly than ever imagined. But as the days go by, a dilemma emerges. Should they stay in their altered lives or attempt to return to their destined paths? Becoming Her explores identity, choice, and the profound connection between these two individuals, unraveling the mystery of parallel lives. This humorous and emotional tale shows how you don't always know what you need until you find it.