by Heather Black

Ghost has given up on love in his life until Annie steps into it.
Could the woman he just saved really be the one?
# Action
# Erotic Romance
# Military
# Romance
# Steamy
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Annie I see the party going on next door, you know the house that no one's been at until today for almost a month. Yeah, that one and the guys at the party are pure man candy. Buff and sexy as sin. They look military, but I know looking military doesn't mean they are military. I've been invited by one of those gorgeous and tall men, but I'm here keeping a low profile. I even changed my type of job. Now I'm a freelance journalist, and romance author keeping out of society. Why you ask? I know secrets that can get lots of men hurt, it was my last job. Ghost I'm not into relationships since my ex-fiance' played me for a fool. Now I'm on a mission and my focus is on the mission, but something is tearing at my insides. I don't know what it is but our mission reminds me of someone I've met before. It can't be her can it? We'd barely met, really. I entered and she was swaying to music that only she could hear but darn it I'm a man who loves a good butt.