by Heather Black

Who's going to love me now?
After a injury during a mission Cowboy wonders if his military career is over as well as possible love life.
# Erotic Romance
# Military
# Romance
# Steamy
# Second Chance
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Cowboy Who's going to love me now? This is the question I ponder on a daily basis. Sitting in the hospital watching as the doctors take more of my bicep away. I see the way she looks at me not as damaged but as a man. I promise to help her find her brother, but I didn't expect how close he was. Maria He is different from other men in my life, he's gentle and patient. He even says that his friends can help me find my brother who disowned me years ago on a misunderstanding. Now I'm somewhere stuck in Mexico and I'm hoping that what he said about his friends finding people is dead on or else I will be dead.