"Seeking Redemption"

by Abigail Taylor

Can Love Overcome Societal Norms?
A sapphic redemption story
# Romance
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In a world of expectations, Courtney's life is changed forever when her true identity is revealed. Disowned by her parents for being anything but straight, she finds solace in the company of Piper—a resilient and unyielding woman who crosses paths with her while visiting Jessie from Seattle. Piper, toughened by life's trials, is drawn to Courtney's vulnerability hidden beneath her polished facade. Sparks fly between them, and an undeniable connection takes hold. But can their love bridge the gap between all the things that separate them? As Courtney and Piper navigate the complexities of life, they embark on a courageous journey of self-discovery and acceptance. In a tale of resilience, compassion, and the power of love, can these two fight societal norms to find a place where their hearts can finally be free? From Bestselling Author, Abigail Taylor, Seeking Redemption is a riveting narrative of two women who dare to defy the odds to realize a destiny beyond what is expected of them.

Title: "Fashioning a Star"

Enemies-to-Lovers & Ugly-Duckling-to-Swan Tale for a Happy Heart

a sapphic rom-com

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