"No One Compares to Her"

by Abigail Taylor

Can Hazel Resist the allure of an old flame, or will destiny rewrite the love story she thought she knew?
An emotional journey of self-discovery
# Women's Fiction
# Romance
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Hazel's world is jolted when she collides with the past—Rory, the one she never quite let go of. Life had seemingly moved forward, but now, here they are, face-to-face and Hazel has to confront the truth: the embers of her feelings for Rory still burn brightly. However, reality hits hard—Hazel is married to someone else. The clash of excitement and apprehension reverberates within her, echoing the footsteps of a love that never truly faded. In this journey of self-discovery, loyalty battles desire, and Hazel grapples with the turmoil within. But the universe, mischievous as ever, unfolds a series of unexpected events that tip her world off its axis. Bound by vows but pulled by fate, Hazel stands at a crossroads. Will she choose the comfort of familiarity or dive headfirst into the unknown with Rory? "No One Compares to Her" is a riveting tale of love's reawakening, where the past refuses to be a mere memory. Brace yourself for an emotional rollercoaster as Hazel's heart battles with the choices that will shape her destiny.

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Title: "She Keeps Me Warm"

A gripping journey of sapphic love and twists.

an emotional love story

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