"Haunted (Ghost Town Series Book 2)"

by Krystal Doolittle

A high school girl who can see the dead? What could go wrong?
A Clean YA Ghost Story
# Clean
# Psychic
# Young Adult
# Paranormal
# Ghosts
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Sequel to "Ghost Town" Willow has been busy for the past year since she helped Jack cross over. Life has almost become normal, as normal as it can be when you are a clairvoyant teen who can talk to ghosts. But when a spirit who is soaking wet shows up at school, her peace begins to crumble. While she’s managed to hide her ability to see earthbound spirits from everyone but her boyfriend, Shane, and Gran, others are starting to notice and she's worried that the small amount of peace she's managed to find is in jeopardy. Meanwhile, Shane asks her to help a friend whose house has a couple of unwanted guests that have no intentions of leaving. How can she help these earth bound spirits if they don't want any help? Is it possible to help everyone and still hold on to her secret? How can she remain a normal teenage girl when she’s helping spirits who look like something from a horror movie and trying to unravel the mystery of who they are? She’s not sure, but no matter what she knows she has this ability for a reason and that’s to help the dead. But maybe, if she can learn to trust herself, she can help the living too.