"Life Story of Jacob"

by Dr Andrew C S Koh

Life Story of Jacob
Genesis 26-36
# Christian
# Nonfiction
# Inspirational
# Spirituality
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This is an excellent study guide and devotional, Tony Paradis, Goodreads, 5/5. Dr. Koh writes in a clear and concise manner. He knows the subject matter and is an expert in theology, Jenn Bailey, e-book fair, 5/5. Koh's diligent exegesis and analysis transport readers into this transformative story, offering timely lessons for those seeking God's guidance.Tejas Kali, e-book fair, 5/5 Dr. Andrew reminds us of what God expects of us and offers insightful and thought-provoking questions regarding our works as Christian, Danalle Paterson, e-book fais, 5/5.. You will get a better understanding with some background information, and make you think about how you yourself are in your life, Ellen Ebieze, Amazon, 5/5. A simple and easy-to-read explanation of the story of Jacob's life.This could be very good for the casual Bible reader. Deb, Goodreads, 5/5. Dr. Andrew C. S. Koh's approach breathes new life into biblical scripture and makes it relatable for modern readers. As he makes comparisons to his life, we are able to look inside our own souls. PAR, Goodreads, 5/5. Jacob's story is such an interesting tale and Dr. Andrew C. S. Koh brings it to life in a modern world for the reader to enjoy and understand. Goodreads, Rowan E Creech, 5/5. Dr. Andrew C. S. Koh has become one of my favorite authors. If you are curious about Jacob and want to read it accurately, read this book, Tiffany Townsend, Amazon, 5/5. A great book to read and study and helps readers of all ages, Sharmani Jeyaram, Goodreads, Bookbub, 5/5. Interesting commentary on the life of Joseph with additional applications for our lives after each chapter, Malgorzata Bernas, Amazon, Goodreasd, 5/5. A great study guide and a great time to reflect on where my life is heading. I recommend this book for a deeper understanding of Jacob, Kevin Booker, , Amazon, 5/5. Can be used as a bible study or for devotion, Margarita Bailey, Amazon, 5/5.